Shared or Dedicated: Know what’s best for your web hosting needs

It was a fine day in a retail store and some clothing items are on sale. You try some stocks and you pretty much got fixated into an item that really caught your eye. The design is so good, the color combination is well and the fabric is fantastic – BUT – it’s too big for you. You looked like a kid who borrowed some clothes from an older sibling. That same feeling is frustrating – I know!

On a business context, all procurement must always be within the scope of your daily operation as a company. A shortage can slow down productivity, while anything in excess could be unutilized goods. Just like any business decision that entails the acquisition of products and service, the main qualifiers should be the scope and features of the service and the price.

If you are a company that makes a business online, the solid foundation of your primary online asset/website — which is your hosting server — should support the influx of data and transactions that come in and out of your website on regular basis. Below are the things you need to assess to determine which hosting service fits your company’s needs.


  • Assess your average page size (in KB or MB) by running a test on free online website load time test.
  • Multiply the value of #1 by your website’s monthly average number of visitors (which you can pull out from your Google analytics, or get an estimate from free third-party web performance assessment site).
  • Multiply the product of from #2 to your average number of page views per visitor (which you can also lift from your website’s analytics).

Doing this will give you an idea of the bandwidth feature of a hosting server that could cater to your daily visitors on your website.

Disk Storage

Website’s file size upon publication is not huge (unless you have a system that is attached to it which is preloaded with rich media content). The greatest concern that businesses tend to overlook in terms of hosting server storage is their emails.

Usually, the email files take a chunk of space in the disk storage of the website hosting. There are instances where the emails have a separate server but in most cases, these share with the web to consolidate a company’s data in one server location. In order for you to assess whether your disk space is enough for your current operation, determine the number of email accounts that you have in the company, and the volume of emails that come in on a daily basis. Also, don’t forget in the equation your data that get stored in the same hosting server which comes from your ERP and SAP-like systems with databases.

Knowing all of these with the help of your IT personnel or your trusted provider will give you an understanding of the needs of your company in terms of storage.

Shared vs. Dedicated

Identifying which hosting package to go for isn’t much to worry about. If you have a knowledge of your website’s performance, you can easily tell what to get. But if you’re confused, I can help.  Someone will probably tell you to go for a dedicated server so that you have enough space to grow, but I will tell you that the difference lies on the exclusivity of the server. Dedicated means you own the entire server, while shared means you’re sharing with other websites on the resources of the server. The only time you’ll upgrade your hosting package is when you think that your online transactions are rapidly growing, that sharing with others on one physical server will affect your website’s deliverability. If you’ve validated all figures and it lead to that final line, then you need to go for a dedicated hosting one.

However, if your website is not highly visited and viewed, and that you do not have an e-commerce feature, then shared hosting is enough for you.


Now, we go back to that retail encounter that you had. Are you still pushing for that almost-perfect clothing even though it’s big for you? Or are you going to find something that is a good compromise and perfectly fits you? You choose.

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