What is the Difference Between Uptime and Availability in Web Hosting?

In our past blog, we gave you a list of things you need to consider in choosing a web host. For a web host to be reliable, you need to look at your uptime and availability. These two terms are commonly used by hosting providers and are sometimes used interchangeably. However, uptime and availability are actually different from each other. But what exactly is the difference between the two?

Uptime is basically considered as the length of time which a system or machine is able to be left running without crashing. This also signifies the time that the actual server is up and powered on and available to the system administrators.

Availability, on the other hand, means the server is up with all the services in it. It also refers to the access to the services the system has available for the users to access. “Downtime” is the term used when it is unavailable.


You may compute for your hosting’s availability by multiplying the total time in the year (in minutes) by the uptime guarantee.

For example:

Availability %    Downtime per year    Downtime per month    Downtime per week   
90% 36.5 days 72 hours 16.8 hours
95% 18.25 days 36 hours 8.4 hours
97% 10.96 days 21.6 hours 5.04 hours
98% 7.30 days 14.4 hours 3.36 hours
99% 3.65 days 7.20 hours 1.68 hours
99.5% 1.83 days 3.60 hours 50.4 minutes
99.8% 17.52 hours 86.23 minutes 20.16 minutes
99.9% 8.76 hours 43.2 minutes 10.1 minutes
99.95% 4.38 hours 21.56 minutes 5.04 minutes
99.99% 52.56 minutes 4.32 minutes 1.01 minutes

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