Why VPS Hosting could be a perfect fit for your website

The demand for creating online assets like a website is remarkably increasing in the past years. In September 2014, the World Wide Web has hit its first billion mark in terms of published websites. And now, the world has reached 1.2 billion websites with internet users that are thrice as much as the number of world’s published websites. With a simple 1:3 ratio of the website to internet users, imagine a huge number of data going in and out from billion websites hosted on various servers around the globe – that is 45,341 gigabytes worth of internet traffic happening every second. That is huge, and that is a little exhausting for servers working 24/7 just to keep websites up and running.

Now here’s another fact this that is noteworthy. Through the years, the internet users have evolved into a no-nonsense kind. The evolution includes a remarkable dip of users’ patience while surfing online. An average internet user expects a website to load not more two seconds. And every second after that is business going down the drain.

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If you are a website owner who happened to be a business owner too, how would you know if your current web host is capable of handling your current and future web traffic?

That is simple.

If you have seen a sudden spike of web visits in your analytics, and that was sustained for a longer period of time, chances are, your website loading time will drastically increase. And that only means a longer waiting time for internet users who are trying to access your website. If that happens, you’ll know that you are reaching the limits of your web server.

Would you transfer to a bigger one?

The answer is always case-to-case basis. Suppose you are currently hosted on a shared server – meaning, you’re sharing the resources of one server with other tenants – will you upgrade to a dedicated one? Well, it depends. If you are a highly-visited online content publisher, then it’s a big YES. But if you are not, then you need to anticipate your future plans for your website to be able to make a wise decision.

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However, the truth for most SMEs is that upgrading to a dedicated server could be a little too uncomfortable in terms of cost. But what if your website is too big already for a shared environment? What will be the other option?

The answer is VPS hosting.


So what basically is VPS hosting?

VPS are virtualized servers inside the main server. A little too vague right? Well, the advent of hypervisor software in the early 2000s made it possible to efficiently use hosting servers by virtualization. That’s when VPS started to become a hot item for businesses like yours.

VPS is like having multiple independent and private servers inside the main server. You might be asking yourself right now, what could possibly be the difference between VPS and shared hosting? Since they are both working on the idea of a shared environment? Below are the key features that will help you understand why VPS will suit your needs better:

  • Autonomy

This is probably a top feature of a VPS hosting.  The subscriber (which is you) has full access to the VPS’s OS, with unrestricted root or administrator permissions. This level of access allows you (of your IT team) to configure the VPS to meet your own unique requirements.

  • Security

Unlike the former shared environment that you used to have, VPS are virtually secured because it is not affected by the other virtualized servers.

  • Flexibility

VPS allows you to host multiple websites. For instance, you can host your main website and a development site on the same VPS.

  • Scalability

And if you are not satisfied with its specs? You can always upgrade to higher specifications without worrying about downtime. To be honest, this capability depends on the provider.

  • Cost-efficiency

Since dedicated servers are expensive, VPS servers are way cheaper that the former. In most providers is just a few gran higher that the highest shared server offerings. You basically have the flexibility and capacity of a dedicated server for a cheaper cost.


The thing is, upgrading to a dedicated hosting service isn’t always the best course to take in times like these. VPS is more secure and much cost-efficient option for SMEs looking for a solution to their increasing web traffic issues.

And if by chance you are looking for a trusted VPS hosting provider, you can reach us at (02) 959-4807 or at (+63)917-8476005. You can also email our skilled technical support specialist at support@imanila.ph.

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