What is the Difference Between Uptime and Availability in Web Hosting?

In our past blog, we gave you a list of things you need to consider in choosing a web host. For a web host to be reliable, you need to look at your uptime and availability. These two terms are commonly used by hosting providers and are sometimes used interchangeably. However, uptime and availability are actually different from each other. But what exactly is the difference between the two?

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Why VPS Hosting could be a perfect fit for your website

The demand for creating online assets like a website is remarkably increasing in the past years. In September 2014, the World Wide Web has hit its first billion mark in terms of published websites. And now, the world has reached 1.2 billion websites with internet users that are thrice as much as the number of world’s published websites.

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Why do you need an SSL Certificate?

The demand for data security these days is increasing as e-commerce sites and social media networks continue to grow at faster rate. You cannot go online completely without having to log in your important details and credentials. From as simple as subscribing to a webinar to as confidential as online shopping and e-banking, a netizen has to log in their credentials. This particular setup has online phishers and hackers drooling.

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Shared or Dedicated: Know what’s best for your web hosting needs

It was a fine day in a retail store and some clothing items are on sale. You try some stocks and you pretty much got fixated into an item that really caught your eye. The design is so good, the color combination is well and the fabric is fantastic – BUT – it’s too big for you. You looked like a kid who borrowed some clothes from an older sibling. That same feeling is frustrating – I know!

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The benefits of web hosting

Do you ever wonder what would happen if your IT team could just dedicate their skills on building your business instead of working on your servers? What if there was a team of experts that focused on hosting, available to assist you 24/7?

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