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    Frequently Asked Questions

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1) What is a Domain Name?

It is your unique address online. Domain names are used to locate websites and/or email in the internet.

2) Do I need a Domain Name?

Yes, you need a domain name for a hosting account to upload your website, create your email address.

3) What is the difference between Top Level domain (.com) from a Secondary Level domain (

Dot Com domains (.com) was the first domain style to be introduced, and is considered a Top Level Domain or TLD as it features only one suffix. Top level domains also cover any other domain name form that only has one suffix – for example; .net, .info, .biz, and so on.

Second Level Domains or 2LDs are domain names that contain another level of qualification to this. For example; is a second level domain style as it contains an additional suffix after the .com.

4) How long does it take for registering a new domain?

Registry is within 24 hour; however, domain propagation may take 24-48 hours.

5) Do you support sub-domain names for the hosting package availed?

Yes, configured upon request.

Sub-Domains are domain name extension placed at the beginning of the domain name. For example, is a sub-domain of and ‘wap’ being the sub-domain extension. You are allowed to create up to 5 sub-domains in our web hosting as long as you do not exceed your plan’s disk space allocation.

6) What happens if I exceed my disk space allocation?

We will recommend upgrading client hosting plan. Or, you may simply delete unnecessary files to lower disk space usage.

7) What happens if I exceed my bandwidth limits?

Client hosting account will be suspended whenever the bandwidth limit is reached. It will be activated on the first day of the next month. We highly recommend upgrading clients hosting plan to provide ample bandwidth allocation for their website.

Email Hosting

1) What are email accounts?

It is the email address associated with your e-mail hosting account.

2) How do I set up my email account?

Through the CPanel, read the tutorial How to add email accounts to get an enhanced answer.

3) What email server settings do I use to send email?

Basically, if you want to send email you will have to use your ISP’s mail server for your outgoing email since they know who you are based on your IP address.

Email servers that will send email for anyone are known as “open relays”. If they can find them, spammers will abuse open relays to send their spam for them, so much so that nowadays any email server acting as an open relay risks being put on “black hole lists” so that any email originating from that server is refused.

4) What is Web Mail Access?

It is the ability to check email using your web browser.

Website Hosting

1) How do I update my website?

You may update your website through a CPanel (Control Panel) access, a browser based control management tool.

For further information, contact us at 634-5140.

2) What is a CGI-BIN/Perl/PHP?

These are programming languages available in our web hosting service and a requirement for creating dynamic websites.

3) What are the Web programming features supported by iManila Hosting?

IManila Hosting packages support Linux Operating System, PHP 5.0 , MYSQL, CGI Center’s, softaculous/fantastico. However, if you must use PHP, contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

4) What is Web Server SSL?

SSL (“Secure Sockets Layer”) encrypts Internet TCP/IP connections allowing secure e-commerce transactions.

5) Is it possible for site editors to administrate the website in a secure protocol (https)?

Yes. This feature requires additional IP address and SSL Certificate. The whole procedure looks in the following way:

Client conforme – Client should sign conforme and settle payment.
Required Documents – Client provides necessary documents required.
SSL Certificate – Our technical team will source out a SSL supplier from a reliable supplier.
IP address – We will provide an IP allocated for your use.
We configure server on the received IP and SSL Certificate. Now that everything works fine, we inform the client about it.

Database Hosting

1) Is it possible to manage a database with my hosting package?

Database Hosting are ONLY available on Gold and Platinum Packages. iManila Hosting Packages have only one MySQL database available, with no multiple databases support.

2) What is a my SQL Database?

MySQL is an open-source database. It is used to store information or serve dynamic data for your website.

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